What Is Skin Confidence?

Women of today assume multiple roles and responsibilities, and confidence is necessary in helping a woman achieve her fullest potential in every aspect of her daily life. Confidence comes in many forms, and this includes skin confidence. Good skin plays a crucial part in how a woman views herself and the way she responds to her everyday surroundings, challenges and the various factors that affect her.

Skin confidence comes from good skin health. When your skin is healthy and taken care of, it boosts your self-esteem and makes it easier for you to focus on the many other tasks you need to accomplish. Skin confidence is the ease and comfort you feel in your own skin, whether completely bare or with makeup.

Skin condition is regarded as one of the most important factors in determining a woman’s confidence. According to a skin confidence survey run by Cetaphil Singapore:

  • Skin is in the top 3 concerns of Singaporean women (alongside weight and height)
  • Over twice the number of Singaporean women associate confidence with having good skin versus professional success
  • 55% of women will cut down on their entertainment and recreational expenses for expensive skin products and procedures
  • 60% of women admire other women for their good skin over any other factor.

With so much emphasis on skin confidence, Cetaphil understands how good and healthy skin can contribute to overall self-confidence. Cetaphil champions skin confidence through gentle, effective products that give users healthy skin. Every Cetaphil product is designed to keep skin healthy in the simplest, most fuss-free yet effective way.

In a time where daily tasks and experiences get increasingly complex, skin care should not have to be.

Be skin-confident with Cetaphil.