Cetaphil Intensive Moisturising Cream

Steps for Soft & Healthy Hands

Keeping your hands smooth and youthful can be simple if you stick to a fuss-free yet effective hand care routine. Here’s one that we recommend:

1) Cleanse

Cleanse with a gentle hand wash (alchohol-free and preferably soap-free).

2) Moisturise

Apply Cetaphil Intensive Moisturising Cream at least twice a day or whenever the skin on your hands needs it to ensure your hands are well-moisturised.

3) Protect

Sun exposure can dry your skin out, so ensure that your hands are well-protected with effective sun protection.

4) Moisturise again

Your moisturiser may not last you the entire day, so reapply every 2 hours or whenever your hands feel dry.

Cetaphil Intensive Moisturising Cream provides moisturisation for very dry and chapped hands. Learn more here