Skin Repair During Sleep

Some of us have heard about skin being repaired while we sleep. How exactly does this happen and what exactly does our skin do as we sleep?

What Happens to Our Skin at Night?

1) Increased blood flow to the skin

Your skin temperature typically increases during the night, especially around bedtime. When this happens, the circulatory system increases blood flow to the skin and aids skin activity.

2) Surge in skin repair or skin renewal activity

As our body goes into “deep sleep”, most of us experience an increase in growth hormones, which help repair, rebuild and renew skin cells. Skin cells also regenerate faster during the night, peaking between 11pm and 4am.

3) Some skincare products work better at night

Some ingredients in your skincare (especially active ingredients such as antioxidants) are less effective when exposed to sunlight, and work better or longer when applied at night. Having fewer products on your skin (e.g. makeup and sunscreen) when you sleep also means your skincare has less to compete with and can work more effectively to benefit your skin.

Getting the Most Out of Your Sleep

1) The Early Effect

Skin activity is at its peak between 11pm and 4am, so the earlier you go to bed, the better you prepare your skin to work while you sleep.

2) Prepare your Body

Make bedtime a pleasant and relaxing routine to put you in the right frame of mind just before you sleep. Read a book, listen to music or incorporate an activity that calms you. Better sleep can alleviate stress and recharge your body, which is good for your skin generally.

Sleep can do wonderful things for your skin when coupled with the right skincare and a balanced lifestyle, so strive to get sufficient, good sleep for healthy skin!