Cetaphil Experience

Mythbusting with Cetaphil

Technology has aided in the discovery of countless breakthroughs in skincare. Beyond the lab, it has helped connect an online community of beauty and skincare enthusiasts where skincare knowledge is freely shared, giving rise to more informed decisions when it comes to maintaining the health of your skin.

However, this can also lead to the spreading of myths and misinformation. Here are a few popular skincare myths to be debunked once and for all:


1) MYTH: Your skin can ‘get used to’ skincare products, making them ineffective

FACT: Your skin cannot ‘get used to’ skincare products. Improvements seem more apparent in the early stages because that’s when your skin might have needed more help, and therefore benefited more, from the product.

2) MYTH: Organic ingredients are always better for your skin

FACT: Raw ingredients that are readily found in nature, such as fruits and plants, aren’t automatically better for your skin than synthetic ingredients. To date, there is no empirical evidence or research that proves this.

3) MYTH: Drinking enough water is all you need to hydrate your skin

FACT: While drinking water helps to keep skin hydrated, moisturisers are just as important to prevent loss of hydration by creating a protective physical barrier on the skin.

4) MYTH: Makeup always causes acne

FACT: Acne can also be a result of not removing makeup completely and not following up with your regular skincare routine after, rather than the usage of makeup in itself. It is a good idea to clean your makeup brushes regularly, too.

Watch us discuss and debunk more skincare myths in our Cetaphil Mythbusters video.